Before the Vacation, or You Mean We Can Just Go?


I accepted a job offer. It starts in three weeks. Once I start, I won’t be able to take time off until October, earliest.

I’ve already been aniticishopping. My to-do list is, whatever. Three weeks. Hm. I wonder…

I have a secret. I have access to a vacation home. Decadent, no? It’s not grand, it’s not mine, but it is in the family, and it’s just a quick nine-hour drive from here. I put in a call, and it turns out that it’s available next week!

I don’t change direction that quickly, so I asked Husband what he thought. It’s awfully short notice. My brain churned with packing and prepping and details. Maybe it was too much to just, you know… go.

He wanted to know if we could leave right away. His eyes sparkled with happy. Could it really be that easy? Just go?

I took a breath and sent a late-night email saying yes please. I’d worry about the details in the morning.

Sure enough, this morning, it all seemed easy. We’re going on vacation! We pack today and leave tomorrow. So, um, see ya!