I Did Get the Job, or I Started on Monday, Kind Of

By the time I post this, I will have already started my new job. Kind of.

They offered me the job 3 weeks ago, at which point I ran off to Cape Cod for a week. I then squandered, wasted, and otherwise let the remaining time slip through my fingers. I was going to read those books. And watch TV for days. And exercise every day. And organize my closets. Yeah, none of that happened.

So here, in convenient list form, are my fears:

  • I won't like the office
  • I won’t be good enough
  • My kids will start acting out because they miss me
  • The commute will make me crazy
  • I’ll hate getting dressed up every morning
  • My blog will go by the wayside

Here’s how it could rock:

  • I won’t be in charge of people, so no HR stuff to do
  • My boss is popular with his team
  • I’m with a big-name company, which is good for my resume
  • I could do really well
  • I might love the corporate culture
  • I’ll have money going into the bank instead of just coming out
fly 1.jpg

I’ll be working for a big company, with enough locations that they fly people to one city to onboard them – hand out laptops, fill out paperwork, and, I assume, tattoo the company logo across the small of your back. So I'm doing that this week. I’m trying to decode all the business casual, casual, comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes, business formal… Yoga pants and a fleece probably won’t cut it, I guess.

fly 2.jpg

I recently learned that the first four days of my second week (next week) are in a different town, which I’ll also have to fly to, for more onboarding. More tattoos and learn the company song?

That’s a lot of time away after being here all the time for the last three months.

Husband is a graduate student, which gives him some flexibility, but he’s got deadlines of his own. We have called in reinforcements: the sainted Mother in Law.

The good news is that I won’t be travelling much for this job, so being home every night will be a welcome change after this.

Off I go.  

fly 3.jpg